Team Building

Atlas Insolite travel agency in Marrakech also organizes team building activities in Marrakech, usually linked to a seminar or conference, are designed to strengthen team spirit on the values of the company. It is also an opportunity for everyone to reveal and value their own qualities such as imagination, initiative, involvement, a sense of responsibility and solidarity, in the context of the collective mission. They experience themselves as moments of relaxation, conviviality and reward. They allow participants to get to know each other better and to be appreciated.

Team building activities are organized in different forms of autonomous activities, during the day, half-day or evening, or they can be incorporated into a conference or seminar. They are made to measure, according to your needs and the culture of your company.
Team building is structured around a fun and unifying theme:
rally-discovery, orientation, creative and artistic creation, sports events, collective challenge, or evening in Marrakech.