Atlas Insolite

Atlas insolite is a travel agency in Marrakech that specializes in travel and incentives in Morocco, born from an adventure between professional friends of tourism in Marrakesh, passionate and sharing the same values. Atlas insolite the travel agency, is currently a renowned expert of specialists in the tourism sector in Marrakech in the fields of custom-made holidays, tourist circuits, guided excursions, organized tours for groups and individuals, notably in Marrakech and generally in Morocco.

Whatever your way of travelling, we guarantee you a special adventure, between you and Morocco.

Today, we knew that travellers are not just travelling… Our customers are close to our concerns. Our experience and our responsiveness to the latest trends allow us to meet their requirements even more faithfully.

It is for this reason that we continue to travel through Morocco to discover the fascinating places and spectacular landscapes such as the city of Marrakech. The whole team of Atlas insolite in Marrakech is committed to pass on this same passion to you and to transmit it before, during and after your stay.